87th Precinct Omnibus / Like Love, Ten Plus One and Axe / Ed McBain

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Like Love: It was obviously a lovers’ double suicide, yet it seemed too neat. A routine check turns up three suspects–but how do the boys of the 87th Precinct catch a cold-blooded killer and make him confess when they can’t prove the victims were actually murdered?

Ten plus One: From the rooftops or from an open window, the missiles of death sped down to their innocent targets. And soon the corpses were piling up. Anyone in the vast city could be a sniper, and anyone could be a victim. It is up to Steve Carella of the 87th Precinct to find the murderer.

Axe: Steve Carella, Cotton Hawes, and the boys of the 87th Precinct know where, when, and how George Lasser died, but they don’t have a clue as to who had “given him the ax.” And when the mad marauder strikes again, it’s time to take the ax to the grindstone.

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Book 1 / Hamish Hamilton HC / Krimi Mystery / Englisch

Ex Libris stamp on endpapers / Dust jacket

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